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What are the benefits of registering?

We are promoting safer surrogacy journeys within the uk. For newcomers, forming connections in the surrogacy community can be a challenge. Surrogacy-connections is here to help you connect with hundreds of users in a reliable and friendly environment.
Joining Surrogacy-connections has great benefits, such as:

  • Full access to surrogates and intended parents profiles
  • Connecting with people near you and in the UK
  • 100% of the community is in the UK*
  • Daily updates and user profile scans
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Hot topics about surrogacy in the UK (Law, Expenses, Journeys and a lot more)

Like any other community, as a member you will have to respect others and follow our community rules, these rules include:

  • Always be polite with others
  • Don't use pictures of others / fake information
  • Be honest and upfront
  • Be clear in what you want and what you are looking for
  • Know the basics of surrogacy and the law in UK

We will not tolerate rudeness, scams, “fakes” and bullying on our site. We can and will close your account at any point without warning if you don't respect the guidelines above.

Last but not least, please do read our Privacy and our Terms and Conditions

* This project is only for residents in the United Kingdom.