Families Through Surrogacy - London Surrogacy Conference

Families Through Surrogacy - London Surrogacy Conference


Families Through Surrogacy UK Conference Update  

FTS fifth UK conference is aimed at the information and networking needs of prospective parents and surrogates. The one day event focuses on parent and surrogate feedback, as well as expert sessions on the medical, legal, logistics and psychological considerations of surrogacy in the UK & US. Sessions also provide insights and discussion of surrogacy in Canada, Russia and Kenya.

Introducing the Surrogacy Conference App

The best way to network with other Intended Parents, Surrogates and Experts at the Conference is via our new Mobile App. The key is to log in to the app before the conference and get conversations going via the below instructions.

UK Conference App
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Families Through Surrogacy is a Parent-based non-profit organisation that is focused on bringing together surrogates, parents and those considering surrogacy.

It helps them network, share their stories and stay informed about best practice in surrogacy arrangements.

If you’re based in the UK or Europe and are looking to learn more about surrogacy from either side of the equation, the Families Through Surrogacy are running a London Conference next month.

They’ll be offering advice and insight from parents, surrogates and professionals.


Tickets are priced from just £45 and are available now right here  (http://www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com/uk2018/ )


The conference includes an overview of surrogacy options, session on IVF clinic decisions, and panels of local parents providing advice.


It also includes information around the legalities and contracts required at home and abroad to use a surrogate, and how to guard against things going wrong.

They include sessions on surrogacy options in the US and UK, in the UK panels of local surrogates and exploration of legal issues.

Each event includes morning, afternoon tea, lunch and evening drinks to help you network with other parents, surrogates and experts.

The full conference details are below.

London Conference – 10 March