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Intended-Parents has been created to bring together Intended Parents and Surrogates in the UK. The information on Surrogacy is vast, scattered on multiple websites and often hard to understand. Most people considering Surrogacy find support in private online groups. In these groups, very special bonds are created.

With many online groups becoming crowded with hopeful parents and willing surrogates, it seemed right for us to expand and create a website where each member is verified. This way you can get access to free information and support rather than having to pay for the privilege of wanting to understand more on this incredible subject. This website allows newcomers to easily connect with others that face similar issues and brings knowledge of how Surrogacy works in the UK.

We invite everyone to be part of this new project. Help us spread the word, bring Surrogacy to the forefront of conversation to everyone in the UK. We open our virtual doors to welcome intended-parents, surrogates, egg and sperm donors, non-profitable organisations, friends, supporters, lawyers, counsellors, clinics to hold hands and guide us to help many of you build your dream into reality.

Our Team

Our group is supported by many arenas related to Surrogacy, but some special thanks go to our current team, who you can contact if you need to. We are always looking to extend our team so if you are interested in supporting us a warm welcome awaits you.

Luis Lopes


Portuguese, 26 years old. Founded the project believing surrogacy can make the world better to many people!

Katy Cannadine


Writer and blogger. Mum of 2, tummy mummy of 1, wife of a sailor

Emma Stafford


I'm Emma, mum to Phoebe & Leo and tummy mummy to triplet boys (2012)